Key Data
  • Lines: 25
Key Features
  • Bonus-in-Bonus



We’re shouting “Yahtzee!” with our first online game highlighting this iconic Hasbro brand. Featuring a unique persistent mechanic, YAHTZEETM allows players to save bonus triggers for use whenever they choose. The bonus can be initiated each time a trigger is collected, or a player can save up to five bonus chips for a chance to play the bonus at a higher multiplier or win a huge jackpot. YAHTZEE has multiple bonus opportunities, including the Party Bonus where players can win a jackpot by rolling Yahtzee with the dice. Roll back to back Yahtzee in the same round to win a massive jackpot when playing at max bet.

Legal Line:
YAHTZEE is a trademark of Hasbro. Used with permission.  ©2015 Hasbro. All rights reserved.