Technical Artist Tel Aviv, IL

The Technical Artist will help establish and sustain a pipeline for maintaining the mobile Graphical Assets. They will work with artists and programmers to ensure their work on PC transfers to mobile correctly. The Technical Artist will be responsible for within the Unity Editor, and for profiling the game. He or she will need to be able to identify problem areas and help create solutions for mobile.


• Expert experience in Unity Engine
• Moderate experience in a 2D package, preferably Photoshop.
• Basic knowledge of scripting (C#)
• Experience developing for the mobile platform
• Ability to profile using given tools and identify problem areas
• Ability to create and modify existing tools, scripts, or assets for mobile
• A mind for both artistic and technical workflows
• Ability to make critical artistic and process decisions to produce the best quality product
• Will work directly with Studio Director, Art Director, and Lead Programmer
    to ensure quality product
• Ability to provide detailed information on status of game and builds.
• Unity Shader Writing and Lighting
• Testing and blending animations within Unity

Resume must be in PDF or Word format.