Illustrator Chattanooga, US

Job Summary:
Illustrator/Animators work with the Game Designers and Directors to conceive, create, and deliver a compelling look and style for projects and to document all original graphical aspects of a game, and deliver the finished assets to the Programming Department in a complete, organized, and well-documented fashion.   They should have the talent and ability to deliver exceptional quality vector-based art using multiple looks, styles, palettes, etc. Illustrator/Animators are expected to be expert users of multiple Adobe products. Staff Artists are expected to have superior talents in several artistic categories, including:  illustration, animation, special effects, color theory, character design.  

Essential Job Functions:
·       Work closely with, and follow direction from Directors and Game Designers to produce high-quality art in regards to character design, color theory, layout, text treatment, and animation ability
·       Create art assets in an iterative process and document all art assets with minimal mistakes
·       Demonstrate ability to follow dictated file structure and organization for delivery of art assets
·       Demonstrate ability to provide all necessary assets and documentation within expected deadlines
·       Continually sharpen artistic abilities through company training, independent learning, and learning from other team members
·       Re-purposing and modifying existing art assets for alternative platforms (such as Flash)
·       Display a high degree of professionalism at all times, accepting critique from the Director, Game Designer, and other team members
·       Be prepared to learn new software and adapt to new development processes when necessary
·       Share creative, technical, and development techniques with other team members within the studio


Education:  AAS or BAS in Graphic Design, or equivalent

Required Experience:
·        Minimum 2 years of experience

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:
·       Exceptional talents in multiple artistic categories, including:  Illustration, Color Theory, Animation
·       High level of proficiency in two or more of the following:  Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Illustrator, Maya, Studio Max
·       Experience in MS Office
·       Written and verbal communication skills
·       Ability to follow direction and accept constructive criticism
·       Ability to offer valid constructive criticism to co-workers
·       Ability to learn, expand talents and skill sets
·       Ability to explore new styles and self-assess abilities.
·       All applicants MUST provide a Portfolio of professional and/or personal work in Web or Digital format to be considered for interview.  Portfolios should clearly demonstrate the applicant’s artistic talents and software proficiency.

Vision:  Close Vision, Depth Perception, Distance Vision, Ability to Adjust Focus, Peripheral Vision, Ability to Distinguish All Colors    

Physical Requirements:   Office environment

Work Conditions:  May require weekend and evening hours.   
Resume must be in PDF or Word format.